Welcome to Wellbilt. Home of the Sure-Board® (patent #5768841) and Sure-Board Wall Panel (patent pending). Our products offer construction solutions, including earthquake and hurricane protection.

The quality of hurricane protection is now improved with our Sure-Board®, especially when used in shear wall designs. Our Sure-Board® eliminates shear wall problems in framing and construction. Sure-Board® is a steel sheet bonded with specified substrates (gypsum board, exterior gypsum sheathing, Fiberock, etc.) that is installed on shear walls at points requiring shear. Sure-Board® eliminates use of excess materials and labor. It also lowers your cost and increases your hurricane protection.

The Sure-Board Wall Panel is a structural, load bearing wall panel. The Sure-Board Wall Panel incorporates Sure-Board® in design. The product has been tested and received 'Miami-Dade Product Approval' and the 'State of Florida Product Approval' including for uses in Florida's 'High Velocity Hurricane Zones'.

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